-   ONLINE FITNESS $86 Monthly

-   Private Therapy Service: $50  to  $150  

-   1 on 1 Personal Training:  $39 to $60 per session

-   NUTRITION Meal Planning    $86

-   CONSULTING  $250 Monthly


(Exercise Therapy Rehab): Joint Pain, Obesidy, Injuries  $75


Services Include: Exercise Therapy

Private Therpuetic Services, to improve on body movement and prepare the person day to day functioning with less pain and better movement. 1 to 2 hours treatment. 

Customized Exercise with specilize equipment to support the issues at hand via, Therapy session will run 1 hour to a hour and half. The plan is to improve on life and get back to doing things in a functional daily matter.

STRETCH THERAPY;   $75  Per Hour



               12 Week Combined Fitness Plan       $325   monthly                                                                                                                                       

includes:  Monthly


IInitial Fitness Evaluation

3  Private 1 on 1 Training  Sessions 

Monthly Exercise is Programemed into your App. with video 

Pick up your Workout on your Iphone/Ipad or Computer


12   Week Plans.

12 Weeks Online Blended Package (Workout & Nutrition w/Consulting)                         $693                                                                                                                   

12 weeks  1 on 1 Personal Training at Private Studio                                                         $864

12 weeks All of your workouts will be programmed into your Training App.                   $375

12 Weeks of Nutrition Coaching.                                                                                           $456


Online: Trainerize Fitness Asseaament Plan      $75                                                                       

Initial Consultation via Live Chat 30 min.

Personalized Fitness Design Delivered through Trainerized App.  1 month

Initial Nutrition Coaching

Weeky update Assessment on progress via Email/phone.

Following monthly plan

10 - 1 On 1 Personal Training Sessions  $339 - 60 Mins Each





Personal Training  Package:  $325

   Include Fitness/Nutrition Assessment consulting

   Custom Design Fitness Plan

   5 One On One  60 min. Personal Training Sessions


 Personal Training Pkgs.;

8 - weeks:  1 on 1 60 min Personal Training  w/ Nutrtion Coaching;   3 x week                         $995              

8 - Week: 1 on 1 Personal Training Sessions  2 x a week  60 mins          $699     

  8 - Week: 1 On 1 Personal Training Session  2 x a week 30 min.         $435  

    All packages include Initial Fitness Evaluation & Weekly Assessments.


MONTHLY  PLAN  2 x a week - FALL SPECIAL PLAN     $480




Online Group Challenge $86 - 30 Days



Online Challenge is a 30 day Hit Workout designed to challenge yourself for 30 Days. 

You will complete the customed Exercise workout program which target will Specific area of the body you want to ton.    THIS CHALLENGES  to scult and tone the abdominal and gluts areas.:    we will Begin by Measuring yourself, then Shoot a picture from Front & Side Views with close fitted item on. Bread, Soda & Sweets are to be minimize or deleted during this 30 days to maximize reults. You are join by many others taking this challenge but, the results are personal to you. This is Not a Competition! 

The Plan will be on Trainerize App, you will have email, Follow the plan using Iphone, Smart Phone, Ipad, Computer.   GOOD LUCK!!   HAVE FUN!    TELL A FRIEND!


Alway Consult with yur doctor before starting any Exercise, Drink Plenty of Water during exercise.


Group Fitness Class  Pkg. $60 per month per person


up to 6 people excepted in this Personal training Group Fitness

Buddy Plan Half Price: 

First Person Full price    $479   Buddy 50% OFF   $240

1 Month Plan Included

Fat Burning & Body Sculpting

8 Personal Training Sessions. 

High Intensity Training, Burn (800 Calories

 You must schedule to workout together. for the personal training and Fat Burner

Exercise Therapy Session (Package of 5 - $325 



      Stretch Therapy Sessions - Flexibility  - 60 mins  $75

      Massage Therapy - Relieve Tension  -  60 mins. $75    or    90 min.  $110 

      Water Therapy (joint pain) -  60 Mins.   $75

these package are for therapy purpose any deep tissue Massages $150.


In Person Group Class $60 a Month pp

TRX Suspension




Cardio Blast: Low to Moderate Interval & Cicuit workout burning 1000 Calories

Silver Sneakers: 55 and Over Group or Indivisual

Nutrition - Professional Meal Plan  (only)  $86 Monthly



Custom Designed Professional Meal Plans to fit Goals & Lifestyle.


Monthly Work Out Plans



Schedule Calendar

Request a Scheduled Appointment for the The Stay Fit Club -

Personal Training - Online or In Personal.

Scheduled appointments can be done via Skype, Phone or

in Person At Privae Studio location.

 Check the Calendar and Contact me above.